What is an intermunicipal development plan (IDP)?

An Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP) is a provincially required plan designed to foster cooperation between municipalities on planning and development. The result of an IDP is that future development occurs in an integrated and efficient manner. The provincial government requires that all municipalities with shared boundaries complete an IDP.

The IDP considers the area surrounding Sylvan Lake and is being jointly developed between:

·         Lacombe County

·         Red Deer County

·         Summer Village of Birchcliff

·         Summer Village of Half Moon Bay

·         Summer Village of Jarvis Bay

·         Summer Village of Norglenwold

·         Summer Village of Sunbreaker Cove

·         Town of Sylvan Lake

How could this IDP affect you?

Past planning work has been undertaken in the Sylvan Lake area leading up to this IDP, and will be the foundation moving forward. The IDP will result in agreement between the municipalities on how to work together to manage lands related to future land development areas, transportation and infrastructure, environmental considerations, agricultural land use viability, and economic development. 

What this means for you is that the project will focus on coordinating the existing land planning policies and expectations in the context of intermunicipal goals. 

What is it Not?

The IDP is a new type of policy for some of these municipalities, and so being clear about the project scope is helpful to understand.  The IDP is not:

·         Annexation or amalgamation process;

·         A process that can change land uses directly;

·         A process that will impact taxes; or

·         A plan for the waterbody of Sylvan Lake (it is a plan for the land surrounding Sylvan Lake).

Project Boundary

boundary w criteria.png